July 12, 2018


  • Testing&QA


Getting Started with QA and Software Testing

The team at Haitos Technologies will carefully prepare and plan for testing. We set up a suitable testing environment for the duration, develop the test case and then begin with functional testing to verify that the application works on a fundamental level. We also perform integration tests and regression tests.

Fundamental Testing

We offer functional testing on all our software, confirming that it will be compatible with your hardware and peripherals, for example, as well as with other software that is critical to your core business tasks.

Our team is well versed in using standard technologies to perform our tests and we customize our tools on an as-needed basis, including C, C++, C#, Java,  Python.

You should also note that we routinely perform API testing as part of our software quality assurance, to verify that your main software will communicate properly with other applications.

Testing for Software Integration

Your applications don’t typically function in a vacuum, and we will test for software integration upon request. We use state-of-the-art testing tools in keeping with industry best practices.



Testing for Software Integration

Testing for Software Integration

 Multiple Platforms? No Problem

We support multiple platform testing and will rigorously test for usability, speed, reliability and your other core business requirements.

 After QA and Testing

After testing is finished, you should know that we will continue to provide you support and can assist you with documentation.

When you outsource software development, you expect to get better results than what you would achieve with developers in your own country. Our team is fluent in English, so communication will never be an issue (you may have experienced a steep language barrier in your previous efforts to outsource software development and QA).

We make a point of only hiring the most capable programmers and designers, and every member of our team has the passion and commitment to the tasks at hand to come up with creative methods for putting your software through its paces. This is all part of our quest for perfection.