February 8, 2019

Salesforce Customization

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Salesforce Customization Services

Our Salesforce customization service experts perform brief requirement and source gathering examination. Salesforce is a powerful tool and has millions of users worldwide across hundreds of industry verticals. However, each business is unique and has distinctive workflow process. An off the shelf Salesforce platform cannot fit each business alike and give the desired result. Therefore to achieve the required features or functions which are not available as a part of Salesforce application to accomplish your business objectives, need to customize the platform rises.


Our Salesforce Development services

Apex Triggers

Triggers are piece of code that is executed before or after record is inserted/updated/deleted from the force.com database.


Designing reusable components which can help user to use these components whenever required.


Integrating Salesforce with external application like HubSpot, Zuora, websites designed in PHP, Java, Dotnet, using REST / SOAP API’s.

Our Development Services

Visualforce Pages

Custom pages designed using various components like HTML 5, JavaScript, Jquery and Visualforce tags to provide better and customized look.

Email Services

To process incoming email and perform an action. Cclasses are executed in backend to process header and body of emails.


Helps to automate salesforce standard processes like sending an email, creating a task or calling an external website using outbound messages on some action.