July 12, 2018


  • Maintenance&support


Our Pledge

You’ve made a significant investment of time and resources in your software. Now you need to take steps to ensure that you get the best ROI by outsourcing your software maintenance and support. When arranging for application development in India, such as through the talented team at Haitos Technologies, you should also know about the software maintenance services we provide to our clients.

We offer a full range of support services to meet your company’s needs. What we provide is especially crucial for organizations that are finding the cost of IT to be prohibitive for continued in-house service. For them, it makes eminent sense to forge a partnership with an India-based software development company.

Excellent Support

Whether you need additional support in terms of troubleshooting software anomalies or run into a bug that hinders your team from getting their work done in a timely fashion, our support team is standing by to lend a hand.

We provide support services for a variety of organizations and applications, from small-to-medium businesses to major enterprises seeking to benefit from the cost savings achieved through offshore assistance.Corrective Maintenance:

Haitos Technologies alert and diligent team will go over your software, examining and testing it for problems such as design mistakes (confusing user interface, errors in the menus, and so on), errors in logic and fundamental problems in the code.


Corrective Maintenance

We will respond quickly to your requests for service and information.Our team will strive to give you the least downtime. We stay on top of developments in the software industry to guarantee that we will maintain your application according to the latest professional standards. Haitos Technologies will go the extra mile to provide the highest level of customer service.

Adaptive Maintenance

Software maintenance often involves monitoring the application and its ecosystem to strengthen the application before real problems arise. We may restructure the code in keeping with the latest industry standards, for example, make some minor modifications, delete sections, insert new code or otherwise make changes to enhance its functionality.