July 17, 2018


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C++ is a language of broad applying. It is actively used for software development, being one of the most popular programming languages. C++ is often applied to develop operation systems, drivers, applications for the inbuilt systems, high-performance servers, games and other entertainment applications. There are several variations of C++, as free of charge as commercial building platforms. Wondering that C++ has impacted on Java and C# primarily.

A unique development language with an impressive programming track record that stretches back decades, ?/?++ underlies loads of world’s most powerful, sophisticated, and compelling electronic solutions, devices, and low-level components. Since our first foray into technical software development, we’ve been honing and reinforcing our embedded and low-level software engineering expertise by maintaining a strong technology focus on C/C++.

Desktop Apps and Utilities


Cross-Platform Applications

Our ?++ developers can make advanced software applications for portable devices as well as desktop versions.

 Software for Specific Hardware

Sometimes, our clients need to get C++ app development services for unordinary equipment such as plug-and-play gadgets and peripheral devices running on a proprietary OS. It may be usable for real-time interchange and configuration software, firmware updating applications, POS devices integration, smart home, industrial automation and sensor data scanning.

Embedded Software Architectures

1. Simple Control Loop
2. Interrupt-controlled System
3. Cooperative Multitasking
4. Preemptive Multitasking and Multi-threading 
5. Micro- and Exokernels (QNX, VxWorks, ChorusOS)
6. Monolithic Kernels (Windows Mobile/CE, Embedded Linux)


1. Firmware
2.Drivers, Board Support Packages
3.Multimedia Software
4.Desktop Apps and Utilities
5. SDKs.


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